The Drive For Success

What do Bill Gates, Richard Branson, James Dyson, and in fact all successful entrepreneurs and business owners have in common?

One of the main qualities they share is the absolute desire and hunger to see their dream realised. This is one of the key characteristics that drives entrepreneurs through the tough times, giving them the resilience and the determination to push through and succeed. Somewhere along the journey all successful people, entrepreneurs and business owners have generally overcome some big struggles to get where they are today.

This clip comes from one of the most powerful and inspirational stories of determination despite all adversity, and if you haven’t seen the film ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ (which is based on a true story) it is definitely one to put on the list.

What Does Your Brand Stand For?

Effective branding is essential. Many companies and indeed people have already proven the success that demonstrating and communicating their brand with passion and conviction can bring.

So what lies underneath the brand and how does it become so powerful? The answers to this question are in the essence of what your brand stands for. what promise it delivers and what’s at the heart of your offering.

A brand is not a logo that just stands out and looks good. The logo is the identification of the brand and it should reflect your brand values and not only shine with its promise but deliver its promise. If this is executed correctly then your customers will consistently experience your core essence and values everytime they come into contact with it. That’s when a brand becomes truly powerful.

In this clip of Stave Jobs On Marketing he really brings this point home; it’s a great presentation and a very powerful message.

Execution, Execution, Execution…

It’s not news to hear that good ideas are two to a penny and it’s the execution that counts. We have also all heard the saying that a bad idea delivered well has more chance of succeeding than a good idea delivered badly.

When we stop to think about this do we really know what is it exactly about the execution process that causes the Midas touch, or which parts of the process failing are the main cause of the dream to turn into a pile of dust?

Is it the vision? The strategy? The product? The brand? The management? The project plan? The application? The timing? The resources? The people? The communication?

Actually, it’s the combination of all of the above combined with the ability to have enough flexibility and resilience on all levels to adapt throughout the process that ensures a successful outcome The right mind-set applied consistently With focus and determination and the abtlity to keep everyone with you on your journey also pretty much headlines as one of the key winning factors. Although strong leadership is required, remember when working as a team there is no place for ego in the process of execution. Generally speaking, ego can just as easily be the root cause of fa ilure as the desire to achieve the objective becomes lost in the struggle to keep the ego satiated. Th1s causes the motive behind decisions to change along the way wh1ch in
turn completely changes the course of the outcome.

So all in all to ensure success there are a number of factors involved and no single portion of the equation can execute effectively on its own. All elements are required and must pull together and take action at the right time in the same direction with the same motive. Not an easy feat, however as history has shown; when executed correctly the outcome can be outstanding and produce results that others would have not believed possible.

In this hard hitting clip Sam Geist highlights the importance of execution in business magnificently.

Is Your Passion Innate or Practiced?

Times are tough, there is no avoiding it and trying to attract new customers, delight existing ones and grow the business all at the same time can become a difficult task. At some point in their business life cycle most entrepreneurs and business owners will go through a stage where they feel they have run out of steam and may even begin to question their own ability.

When working with start-ups, early stage businesses or companies that are just continually working hard to grow; I always ask these golden questions before any practicalities are put into place: ‘Why did you build this business?’ and ‘What does it mean to you?’

Most people get caught up in the day to day activity and the challenges they face, and then forget about the desire which was the catalyst to their passion and which started them on the road to building their business in the first place.

My philosophy is simple; If you don’t have real pass1on to succeed, you may survive with a certain level of results but it will be a long painful journey. Once you re-connect with the excitement, desire and pure passion of achieving your vision; energy and determination flow easily, decisions are made quickly, actions are taken faster and bigger and better results are achieved and celebrated.

Without addressing this key factor any business strategy, process or technique will simply not be applied to its full effect, if at all. So when it feels like you are facing yet another challenge remember to first spend some well-deserved time remembering why YOU are in your business and what it means to YOU. Then tackle the challenge wrth renewed energy and the courage of your convictions.

In this powerful clip Steve Jobs explains how important being genuinely passionate is to being successful.