Execution, Execution, Execution…

It’s not news to hear that good ideas are two to a penny and it’s the execution that counts. We have also all heard the saying that a bad idea delivered well has more chance of succeeding than a good idea delivered badly.

When we stop to think about this do we really know what is it exactly about the execution process that causes the Midas touch, or which parts of the process failing are the main cause of the dream to turn into a pile of dust?

Is it the vision? The strategy? The product? The brand? The management? The project plan? The application? The timing? The resources? The people? The communication?

Actually, it’s the combination of all of the above combined with the ability to have enough flexibility and resilience on all levels to adapt throughout the process that ensures a successful outcome The right mind-set applied consistently With focus and determination and the abtlity to keep everyone with you on your journey also pretty much headlines as one of the key winning factors. Although strong leadership is required, remember when working as a team there is no place for ego in the process of execution. Generally speaking, ego can just as easily be the root cause of fa ilure as the desire to achieve the objective becomes lost in the struggle to keep the ego satiated. Th1s causes the motive behind decisions to change along the way wh1ch in
turn completely changes the course of the outcome.

So all in all to ensure success there are a number of factors involved and no single portion of the equation can execute effectively on its own. All elements are required and must pull together and take action at the right time in the same direction with the same motive. Not an easy feat, however as history has shown; when executed correctly the outcome can be outstanding and produce results that others would have not believed possible.

In this hard hitting clip Sam Geist highlights the importance of execution in business magnificently.